Smart Safes

Smart safes were created to streamline the cash management process and store money in a more secure environment for increased safety. It’s revolutionizing cash management for business by offering the ability to monitor and control the cash management system as a whole with ease.

What Makes It Smart?

There are three fundamental elements to all Smart Safes: user interface, bill validator, and controller.

The user interface lets you handle all common cash-related activities quickly and efficiently. You can view your safe operations whenever and wherever you are by networking the solution.

The bill validator is the engine of this safe. It performs several key tasks, such as validating the legitimacy of inserted bills and accepting cash in just a few seconds. Once validated, the bills are moved to cassettes for storage.

The controller consists of the electronics responsible for tying together the user interface, the validator, and all other electric peripherals. It’s critical to data protection and integrity for all cash processed by the safe as well as usernames and passwords.