Tidel Series 3 Smart Safe

Tidel Series 3 Smart Safe

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If you own a cannabis dispensary then you need to consider buying a Smart Safe. This Tidel option is affordable and offers modern technology to help increase your profits.

The Tidel Series cash management system is designed for organizations needing a secure, reliable, and auditable solution to deposit their cash.

The Series 3 is targeted towards low to moderate cash volume organizations that require an automated system that helps reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies.

Tidel Series 3 Smart Safe Download Tidel Series 3 Smart Safe manual. 


  • 7-inch color screen – providing superior usability in menu navigation and system operations
  • Support for one single or bulk note validator and one 1,200 note cassette
  • Main CPU board and power supply located under the console – enabling enhanced serviceability
  • Removable note validator head – enabling the clearing of note jams without the need for a service call
  • Network connectivity – enabling remote access to advanced reporting functions


Single Note Feed
Weight 88 lbs. (40 kg)
Height 27.75″ (705 mm)
Width 10.2″ (259 mm)
Depth 15.25” (387 mm) vault only
Depth 19″ (482 mm) overall
Bulk Note Feed
Weight 145 lbs. (65 kg)
Height  27.75″ (705 mm)
Width 10.2″ (259 mm)
Depth  24.38″ (619 mm) vault only
Depth 28.13″ (714 mm) overall
Power Requirements 120 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz



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