Retail Inventory Control Safe

Retail Inventory Control Safe

  • $3,146.91

This safe is ideal for dispensary owners who need to protect their cash and employees. B7248D2-SR2TD10 Safes Provide Excellent Asset Protection.

In store operations, you need a secure environment for your cash and inventory. This safe provides the capabilities you need to protect your assets with features tailored to the needs of retail operations. 

The safe is fit with two electronic locks that are programmable with up to 30 user codes, limiting access to those who need it. In addition, the time delay on each lock is set to ten minutes, providing a strong theft and armed robbery deterrent.

All these features, coupled with outstanding customer service and live technical support when you need it, provide you capabilities and confidence you require.


Exterior Dimensions 72"H x 48"W x 21.75"D
Each Side’s Door Opening 66"H x 18.75"W
Weight 1338 lbs

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