Double Door Depository Safe

Double Door Depository Safe

  • $1,101.54

The FireKing MB3020 Double Door Depository Safe

This product is perfect for dispensary owners who need a cash management solution.

It allows you to make your drops and deposits into the top compartment while securely storing your cash trays in the bottom compartment. 


  • Accepts packages up to 3¼" H x 12" W x 2½" D
  • B-Rate ½" solid A36 steel door, sledgehammer and pry bar resistant
  • Auto door detent
  • Thick (3) 1" in diameter,chrome live locking bolts on both doors to prevent pry attacks
  • A spring loaded relocker will fire if the door is attacked, locking the safe shut.
  • Formed, full-welded ¼" body
  • Adjustable, ballbearing hinge
  • U.L. approved lock
  • The paint is a scratch resistant, hammer-tone gloss finish
  • (1) Adjustable Shelf
  • SR2 electronic digital locks on both doors

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