Where Can You Buy Legal Cannabis in California In 2018

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California and Marijuana

If you are waiting for the beginning of legal pot sales in California, don't Hold your breath.

Even though 2018 is only 4 days away.

Yes Proposition 64 OKs retail sales of cannabis beginning Jan. 1, 2018, but sales hinge on local cities and counties permitting such sales activity.

Don't be worried there will be a lot of dispensaries in big cities ready to sell.

Pot businesses will need a local license before the state will grant a state license and allow retail sales to happen - which can complicate things greatly.

Nevada might have made millions of dollars in sales and tax revenue, but don't expect long lines, and big crowds on January 1st to usher in 2018 in California.


So when and Where can I buy legal weed?

Maybe Monterey County or Sacramento in early 2018, but you'll know very soon.

Cities and counties are working it out.

Other ways to legally obtain cannabis?

Answer is Yes - all adults 21 and over are already allowed to:

  • possess
  • transport/carry
  • and gift up to an ounce of cannabis to other adults 21 and over
  • and can grow up to six plants indoors.

Those that have medical cards willl be in good shape no matter what.

Meanwhile the rest of us will watch and wait as local jurisdictions try to agree on the future.

Why is California missing lost?

California was slow to act on some things.

Proposition 64 appoints local cities and counties to the driver’s seat, but most cities have shown no rush or hurry to act too quickly.

Local governments working out the details and agreed upon terms is what slows up the process.


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