What You Need To Know When Hiring Budtenders

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What You Need To Know When Hiring Budtenders 

When a dispensary or a marijuana retail store hires new staff and first sets up its business operations there are many things that should be considered.

Like any other business you must set guidelines and rules which create a culture in making your business successful and set up for future growth.

When people walk into your establishment they should feel comfortable.

The budtenders should exude professionalism and knowledge of all the products for sale.

The budtenders must also set a friendly tone with good vibes for customers to enjoy the process.

So let us take a look at what to do or what not to do when hiring the best budtenders.


  1. Do Not Hire Too Quickly

The cannabis industry is booming and supply and demand is moving incredibly fast

When hiring a budtender it is important to hire a qualified service expert.

Moving to quick in the hiring process may be detrimental.

The last thing you want as a new business is a high turnover rate for your employees.

 It is best to take the time and get the best qualified candidate which will grow with your business.

If not you will end up hiring again in the near future.

An excellent budtender will have product knowledge and guide customers to the certain strains that will address the individual needs of the patient or consumer.

In order to find the right person it may take more than one interview.

The goal here is to get the best budtender available which will be around for returning customers to build a trust and positive relationship with. 


  1. Do a Complete Background and Reference Check

    It is important to follow up with references when trying to hire the best budtender.

There are certain rules and regulations that each state has concerning employee reference checks. 

There may be some questions that are prohibited, so make sure not to break any rules when doing a background check.

 It is important to find out if this potential employee is reliable, punctual and has the ability to handle stressful situations.

The personality of the budtender is important for your company's culture, because they must interact with customers in a way that will have them return. 

Verifying the dates of his employment to make sure he is truthful and trustworthy is important as well when checking his background.

The budtender must not only get along with the customers but also with his fellow employees. 

 Candidates with prior criminal backgrounds may not be the most trustworthy and probably should not be around your products, customers or money. 

This is why a proper check of references and background is so important.


  1. Hire People With Retail or Customer Service Experience

One of the biggest mistakes in the cannabis industry is hiring people because they are passionate and interested in cannabis.

Yes, it is great to have a passion and interest for marijuana and the cannabis business but it is still important to have basic customer service skills. 

It is important to make the customer happy and get them to return to the shop.

The best budtendesr must have a strong sense of customer service and a personality that drives business.

Helping and assisting others must be at the core of any great budtender.

Therefore it is ok to hire outside the industry and you may often find a great candidate with a flair for the business.

Customers in this business often have there own favorite budtender (like you would a bartender) which they build a trust with.

People skills are one of the most important qualities in a great budtender so it is important to have this type of experience. 


  1. Be Sure To Train The Staff Properly
    The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and new information constantly becoming available.

It is important to keep your staff trained and your budtenders up-to-date on the new products in the business.

Let’s remember this is a highly competitive market. 

The expertise of the budtender is very important in running a top notch shop.

Training opportunities should be a big part of the employee experience and access to information should be readily available. 

The more experienced budtenders should be helping newer staff constantly develop in their expertise as well. 

Cannabis shops should also look for more full-time employees and less part-timers.

The more invested the budtenders are in the shop the more knowledge they will accumulate for the products and the business.

Knowledge is power and the key ingredient to running a cannabis shop that will have continued success. 

All dispensaries whether recreational or medical have a list or menu of products and what the affects are on the consumer.

All budtenders should be aware of these basic facts.


  • Type of cannabis strain
  • THC percentage
  • CBD percentage
  • Benefits of the strain
  • Aroma and flavor of the strain
  • Side effects (expected and potential)


  1. Never Ignore Red Flags
We all know what a red flag is.

It's a feeling you get that something may be a little off or just not right.

You try to figure it out but just not sure what it is.

It's an instinct you have that you cannot ignore especially in this business. 

We also know that the cannabis business is inherently a risky one.

There are many regulations and rules that must be followed in order to operate legally and successfully. 

It is very important that you find the proper employees that are most trustworthy with the products and your livelihood. 

The cash handling aspect of this business as well as the product allows for temptation unlike most businesses.

The advice here is to take the proper steps in your hiring, many of which we have discussed previously.

The red flags that you feel towards a candidate are ones you cannot ignore and should be taken very seriously.

Though it is impossible to eliminate all of the risk you can try to minimize it as much as possible. 



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