What Will Sell In Your Dispensary

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Plan Ahead and Do Your Homework

Opening a dispensary isn't as easy as leasing a retail store and throwing a bunch of products on the shelves.

From planning a budget and creating a marketing plan, to hiring staff and deciding where to open the dispensary, it's a complicated process.

Of course there are many products and type of marijuana to consider selling, so we have tried to list the most common items below.

Another key factor to help determine what to sell is identifying the local demand in your area.

Each state, county, and even city, might have different types of customers (income levels, strain preferences, etc.). It's up to each dispensary owner to know what their potential customers want.

Once you start selling a lot of products make sure you keep your cash safe.


 The Popular Strains For Sale

Make sure you hire Good Budtenders that know about the strains you sell.

Sativa - The Sativa strain is very popular among smokes and has higher amounts of THC than it does CBD. This particular strain is known for "perking up" the user.

Sativa is a good choice for people suffering from depression, or those people who need to energize their brain.

Indica - Indica has always been known for its healing properties, primarily because it has high levels of CBD. The Indica is known to offer a calming effect which is a great option for those patients who suffer from anxiety.

Patients that have trouble sleeping (due to mental issues or severe pain) tend to prefer Indica to help alleviate their symptoms.

Hybrids - Hybrids are created when two strains are genetically bred to create a new strain. These are usually preferred by medical marijuana patients.

Kush - A popular Sativa strain, also knows as the OG Kush.

Northern Lights - A long running popular hybrid among both medicinal and recreational users. It's an Indica strain that a lot of people use to help with poor sleep patterns.

Haze Berry - A very popular choice among medical marijuana clients, the Haze Berry is a hybrid that combines blueberry and haze.


Other Products To Consider Selling





Rolling Papers




You have to remember that some people like to eat edibles, some prefer drinking it, and of course most people still smoke marijuana.

The tricky part is guessing how much of each product you need to have in the dispensary at all times. You don't want customers asking for items you don't have in stock.

5 Tips To Determine What To Sell

  1. Check out local competitors / dispensaries
  2. Talk with people you already know that buy from dispensaries
  3. Research social media to see what is advertised locally
  4. Go to a cannabis convention and ask  experienced dispensary owners
  5. Buy small amounts of inventory when starting out



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