Tips For Training Dispensary Employees

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Learn How To Train Your Staff Properly

Owning and operating a marijuana dispensary is a lot of work.

And hiring and training staff properly is a key element to running a successful business.

2018 offers a lot of new opportunity in California for dispensary owners to create a thriving business for themselves, but getting a license to open your doors is just the beginning.

Below are some mistakes to avoid.

1. Lack Of Product Training

A lot of dispensary owners think that because their staff has smoked a lot of weed, that in turn the employees are then qualified to explain the differences between strains to customers.

It's very important to offer (or force) your staff to go through weekly training on each and every product that you carry (or will sell). Test the staff with a role playing exercise to make sure they are competent and know the products very well.

 2. Not encouraging a family atmosphere

People (especially customers) like to feel welcome, and ultimately wanted, when they go into a business.

When your customers walk in and are met with a smile this makes them feel like they are at home.  After a customer has checked in to the dispensary and makes their way back to the product room, it's wise if the budtenders can greet them by name also.

Just making customers part of the dispensary family is a great way to make sure that they return over and over.

Train your staff to be happy and outgoing, and to use customer names any chance they get.

3. Not Taking Compliance Seriously

This is not really customer service, but its a mistake that dispensaries make all too often with their staff. In Colorado for example, if a MED officer walks in and a staff member isn’t wearing their badge, your minimum fine is $10,000.

If a staff member have a used pipe in their car in your parking lot, that is $50,000.

Compliance starts with all staff and it needs to be taken seriously.


4. Forgetting How Important Marketing Is

Your staff is going to be one of your best marketing opportunities.

They are the ones who talk with customers and patients and have an opportunity to increase the amount of each purchase by simply suggesting more items, etc.

Good budtenders can make great salespeople and they also have the ability to generate referrals by reminding customers to send in friends or family members, maybe offer a coupon code.

Again, it comes back to consistent training of your staff.

5. Not Training Enough

Just like a pro athlete never stops practicing, or a real estate agent never stops learning, your staff at the dispensary needs to always be trained.

Be sure to invest the time to review and practice each week with your staff. 

Don't feel bad to test  your employees to make sure they truly know the products, compliance issues, and if they have mastered the art of dealing with customers.

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