Set Up A POS System At Your Marijuana Dispensary

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Getting the permit, finding the retail store to buy or rent, hiring staff, are all important things, but once your doors are open for business you'll need to be organized when it comes to tracking sales and customers, etc.

And that is where a Point-Of-Sale System - POS - is very important.

Patient Database

Having all your customer data readily available can greatly improve your business and profits. The right POS will let you easily import and export your patient details in case you need to change your POS System.

Uploading CSV files with patient data will allow the dispensary point-of-sale software to recognize this information and allow you to use it in many ways.

Website Integration

The biggest piece is the integration with your website and third-party business listing like Weedmaps or Leafly.

Using a woocommerce plug-in, your website will stay current without requiring tedious menu updates every time you acquire new stock.

Most marijuana consumers browse dispensary menus online so they are very aware of what you have before they walk in.

Don't get left behind as your competitors are staying modern.


As we all know, compliance is king when it comes to keeping your cannabis business legal and profitable.

Ensuring your dispensary is compliant with laws and local reporting is essential to avoiding violations and potential fines.

** Do Not Ignore Any Compliance Issues **

This process is easy if you use a smart point-of-sale software to make sure your sales reports are accurate and available.

Check out METRC.

Dispensaries can submit their reports electronically and automate the process so that you never miss a due date or suffer a penalty or just fear.

Loyalty Programs

People love getting free stuff or a discount.

Attract more customers more often by establishing a conversion rate from points to dollars, the redemption rate, and the referral points amount.

This will allow:

 total amount due be instantly recalculated

doing away with traditional paper loyalty cards

Inventory Tracking

Dispensary owners need to add all of the current inventory so you can track all sales and supply.

Add as much info about the products as you can, because your customers are going to be asking detailed questions to your budtenders.

Expect change in 2018 where most all cannabis goods will be received from the distributor prepackaged.

No more weighing flowers and baggies.


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