Safety Concerns With A Marijuana Delivery Business

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The marijuana delivery business is highly lucrative and growing. There are many concerns that need to be addressed when starting a marijuana delivery service.

Don't be alarmed because there are solutions to these concerns.

Read about what you need to do before opening the delivery service.

Some of them include safety and security issues.

Here are a few things to be aware of.


  1. Vehicle Security

First off when it comes to vehicle safety we need to make sure that the vehicle is properly registered and the person operating the vehicle has a legal driver's license.

The car must also have proper insurance to operate legally on the highway.

The next important factor is the actual condition of the car that you will be driving to make the deliveries.

Make sure the tires, engine and all other maintenance issues are properly serviced in order to avoid breaking down on a delivery.

Do not run out of gas! This is incredibly important due to the fact that you will be carrying cash and marijuana in your car.

You did not want to put yourself in a vulnerable position in which bad things can occur.

Do not promote your vehicle as a marijuana delivery car with signs or any kind of advertisement.

The goal is to blend in with the other cars so that no one can target your vehicle. You must also be aware when driving of your surroundings and make sure no one is following you.

Also make sure that you have the product secure.

Best practice for this is using the trunk of your car to carry the product.


  1. Make It a Safe Delivery
    One important rule in delivery is to only keep the necessary amount of product and cash on you in the car when making a delivery.

 Do not carry any extra.  If in a medical marijuana state make sure that the customer’s card is up-to-date and valid.

Before you make the delivery make sure that you have coordinated with the customer the exact time and location where the delivery will take place.

Take the time to map out the most efficient safest route. Always have your cell phone with you at all times and be in contact with a fellow employee upon leaving and delivering.

This communication is necessary in order to make for a safe delivery. It is also important to follow your instincts.

If you feel any situation is uncomfortable get out of it as soon as possible. There's no amount of money worth endangering your life.

Some drivers will carry mace or other security items in order to feel more protected.

Many drivers like to work with partners for safety reasons as well.


  1. Legal issues
    When opening your own medical marijuana delivery business they're often many licenses and laws to be aware of. You always want to make sure you are on the legal side of things to run a safe service. In some states you may need a state license, city license and sometimes even a county license. So make sure you're always up to date with your paperwork and legal issues.


For example in states like California there are many dispensaries being shutdown. Proposition 64 which passed in November 2016 set standards of operation for dispensaries which must be met in order to stay in business.

Because of these high standards, the convenience of the marijuana delivery business offers customers and business owner a great way to receive the product as well as grow and expand as a business.

As this business continues to evolve more oversight and standards we'll be set in motion for the marijuana delivery business. Another example of this is that in Riverside California marijuana delivery is prohibited.

In other cities like Long Beach their council members are actually recommending that the city have ‘only’ delivery services and no dispensaries.

On the other side of the spectrum another council member feels that by having deliveries would only create conditions for more robberies.

These examples show the diversity in opinions among law makers. These rules are constantly being examined and adjusted so it is important to always keep up on them.


  1. Safety concerns for Customers

There are customer safety concerns in the marijuana deliveries as well.  It is important as a business owner to legally be operating, understand the product you are selling and be professional as a distribution service.

Customers may want to know how the company gets their drivers. They also want to know that the service is legal and fully licensed.

The customer wants quality products that have been tracked and tested. As a customer when you receive the package you should look for things such as:

  • Is the cannabis infused and if so with what
  • The volume and net weight and proper dosage should be displayed on the labels
  • CBD and THC content should be listed per serving; this is usually expressed in milligrams. 

As a delivery service you should deliver quality products with confidence and knowledge safely.

In order to have a successful safe cannabis distribution service these are just some of the many issues that need to be addressed.

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