Nonresident cannabis entrepreneurs can set up shop in California

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5 Days Until Cannabis Laws Change in California

The Gold Rush might be over, and 1849 is a long time ago, but 2018 brings exciting changes to the marijuana industry in California.

The state’s new medical and recreational marijuana programs don’t have a residency requirement.  Wow

In 2018 you won’t have to hail from Cali to get in on the next biggest cannabis market in the world.

Non - California Marijuana Businesses

Even thought there are no legislative obstacles to non-California marijuana businesses at the state level, they do exist at the local level - think regulations, real estate and culture.

While California’s new medical marijuana and adult-use law won't mandate state residency, it will require business license applicants to first have a local MJ business permit before letting them apply for a state permit.

Do Your Homework

The only way to know for sure if the locale in which you want to open a marijuana business accepts out-of-state applicants is to check for local Marijuana related ordinances.

Either get the info online or just place a phone call to the local government offices to get the answers you need.

 Money and More Money

Some communities that are having tough economic times – especially in Southern California or desert cities - really want and need the financial boost and will do what then can to bring the business into their communities.


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