New Marijuana Laws in 2018 For California - What Is Prop 64

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2018 Has Brought New Laws

If you live in California then you have probably heard about the new marijuana laws that take place starting January 1st 2018.

Here are some of the Things To Know

1  Retail sales of recreational cannabis will go into effect until January 2018 at the earliest.

2  Effective immediately, adults 21+ can legally possess, transport, and grow marijuana for recreational use. Businesses can not sell recreational cannabis until licensed (mid 2018)

3   Every adult can possess an one ounce of marijuana, 8 grams of marijuana concentrate and 6 plants, effective immediately.

4  Police can no longer use the smell of pot or the presence of cannabis products as a legal reason to detain or search you or your place.

5  Cannabis is a legal commodity, the same as alcohol like wine or vodka.

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