Important Things To Train Your Staff On at A Cannabis Dispensary

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Hiring and training will always  be an issue at a cannabis dispensary.

The process of recruiting new people for your cannabis dispensary has two phases: on one hand, the appropriate selection of those people; on the other, the training of this new personnel.

And making a good first impression with customers is a Key to long term success.

In this new article, we will approach the second phase, giving you Five tips that you should consider for correctly training your staff.

Obviously, if the new members have certain knowledge about the work, the task of educating them will become faster and the time invested will be reduced significantly.

But finding new staff members with years of experience will not always be easy, especially if you are a new dispensary with a limited budget.

Cash Handling

With the way the laws are now, dispensary employees need to be well trained in dealing with large amounts of cash. offers a wide variety of products if your dispensary needs a modern approach to finding a cash management solution.

Obviously the easiest way to ensure your staff can handle dealing with large amounts of cash is to hire people that have experience as a Budtender, or somebody with a lot of experience in a retail environment.

If you do hire an employee that doesn't have a ton of experience dealing with customers and large amounts of cash, then make sure you properly train them.

Regardless of your employees work history, the best thing you can do for your staff is to give them the proper cash management solutions to ensure they can perform their job well and protect your cash.

Dispensary Protocols

One thing new staff at the dispensary should know are the protocols at that dispensary.

Unlike conventional belief, cannabis dispensaries have specific procedures in different jurisdictions.

That is, the steps and processes are different depending on the dispensary.

For this reason, it is important that the new staff members are trained in the relevant procedures used in your dispensary, in order to help limit mistakes which lead to lost revenue, unhappy customers, etc.

In fact, many mistakes that the new staff  make are related to the lack of training about the dispensary protocols.

Although it is inevitable that these errors will occur, you must minimize them as much as possible.

Product Knowledge

In addition to knowing the protocols of the dispensary, it is essential that the newly recruited dispensary staff are fully informed about the products.

The words "fully informed" not only implies the full knowledge of the prices of products, but also have a broad “cannabis culture”,

  • what each strain cost
  •  the effects
  • where the strains are grown
  • the advantages for customers

In this way, the new staff will have a better interaction with patients, as they will talk intelligently while providing detailed information on the dispensary products, including its price, effects, and so on.

To know exactly what is the level of knowledge of your new staff, it is recommended that you ask detailed questions during the first phase of recruiting new staff.

Having a Smart Safe in your dispensary offers your an employees an extra sense of "safety" since the cash on-site will be safely stored.

In addition the Smart Safe helps eliminate some stuff for employees to worry about, like checking for counterfeit bills, etc.


Point Of Sale System

An important aspect in the training of new staff is the point-of-sale system at the dispensary.

While some point-of-sale systems are complex, which can result in an arduous and slow learning curve by new staff, there are others that are easy to use, allowing new employees from the dispensary to catch up to speed quickly.

Being familiar with the POS allows the staff to improve the experience with customers, especially with the new ones.

Customers at any business enjoy a fast and friendly check-out (whether it is Starbucks, or a dispensary).

If need be offer weekly training on the POS system so your employees feel comfortable dealing with customers and collecting the cash.

Sales Techniques

There are a number of sales approaches.

Obviously, you have to understand your market. There are numerous techniques to increase the number of sales, but in the field of marijuana dispensaries two stand out: a soft technique and a hard or aggressive technique.

Many dispensary employees use the latter, assuming it is more efficient, when in fact it is not, and it also can create discomfort for patients.

During training, you must communicate this information to the new staff in your dispensary. Apart from that, you should teach them the soft technique and emphasize that this is the technique they should use.

The soft technique is nothing more than the personal approach to the client: listen to him carefully and pay attention to their needs, then use your knowledge and explain what products best suit their needs.

In general, there are a lot of unaware patients, or those who do not know which product to choose.

The use of the soft technique on them can be useful and serves to increase and improve customer retention.

That is why sales techniques are considered an important point that must be taken into account when training new staff and providing an ongoing sales training for all staff members.

Not everybody is meant to be a salesman, and selling cannabis in a dispensary requires the staff to have some ability to sell.

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