How Your Dispensary Can Make an Impression on First Time Patients

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First impressions are critical.

The first impression is the most important of all, but in the companies and in the shops, the methods used are different from those elsewhere.

Companies and businesses must leave a positive and lasting first impression, so that these new customers become regular customers. And since there are always new clients, companies must always be prepared to leave a good first impression.

Even things that speed up taking cash from customers, like a cash discriminator can make a customers visit more pleasant.

It is for this reason that this article offers you some tips so that your cannabis dispensary impresses those first-time clients.

Digital Sign-In

Digital sign-in is a novel approach used to save time. At least in marijuana dispensaries, the appearance of the waiting room is not exactly the most important thing to leave a mark on new clients.

What is crucial for such is the registration and the degree of difficulty to do so.

New customers often feel overwhelmed with having to fill out forms, records, and so on. In short, they get bored and get tired of bureaucratic paperwork. And it is not for less.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this and it is the digital sign-in.

Placing an electronic platform in the waiting room and streamlining procedures through a point-of-sale system is the ideal method to significantly reduce waiting times associated with bureaucratic paperwork.

It is a matter of logic: a client will not go to a place where he or she has to invest a large part of his or her valuable time in writing and signing endless sheets.

It is well known that bureaucracy is usually one of the biggest obstacles for companies.

Instant verification

A rapid verification process can help. An essential requirement to be able to access the services of a marijuana dispensary is the presentation of a medical recommendation. So far so good, there's nothing weird.

The problem begins when the receptionist has to verify this recommendation: it is a manual process that lasts too long and causes boredom to the first-time customer.

The best way to counteract this problem is, of course, the same as the previous one: smart point-of-sale system with a database that verifies in a matter of seconds the medical recommendation.

An instant verification will have positive effects on the customer's first impression.


Digital signage

The solution of an electronic platform and the implementation of a point-of-sale software can be extended: it would be a good idea to apply it both in the waiting room and in the area of products for sale.

It is clear that the other big problem of a first-time customer is the selection of products. In order to make an intelligent decision, you need information about those products. And this information can be displayed through an electronic interface compatible with the point-of-sale software.

Of course, the problem of the insecurity of many customers can’t be solved with the mere placement of interfaces. It also requires a trained staff that can interact with the client, as we will see below.


Customer Service

Now, not everything can be automated or electronic.

To create a good impression, human warmth is obligatory: people of flesh and blood who can attend to your needs and listen to your opinions.

And good customer service comes from continued training.

For this reason, in addition to investing in an electronic platform and point-of-sale software, it is extremely important to invest in humans, the people who work in the dispensary.

In another article we have talked about tips or advice for training the staff of a marijuana dispensary. This investment in people implies that the staff is informed about the protocols of the dispensary, as well as about marijuana in general (its strains, its effects, its benefits, its applications and others).

On the other hand, these personnel must be specialized in soft sales techniques, which involve the personal interaction with the client to know their wishes and their needs. This knowledge is useful to locate the products that best satisfy those desires.

Gift bag

A gift bag can be a useful feature. You always have to shine to get attention. And what better way to do it with the delivery of a gift bag to those patients who are visiting your cannabis dispensary for the first time?

This gift bag can have several utensils for the full recreational use of cannabis: rolling papers, lighters, and so on. Really here the only limit is the imagination.

A gift bag is just the cherry on the cake. And the cake is to have entered a dispensary with easy and fast registration; information at hand and tactile about the products on sale; and an efficient and warm customer service.

All these elements, I can assure you, will leave an indelible mark on those new customers.

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