How To Start and Operate A Marijuana Delivery Business

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Laws and Regulations

When starting your own marijuana delivery business it is very important to first know the laws.

Each state has different rules and regulations, so be knowledgeable of the state laws in which you are setting up your business.

At the moment there are 29 states in which medical marijuana can be purchased.

What states allow marijuana for recreational use.


Permits and Licenses

There are also permits and licenses needed in order to start, own and operate a marijuana delivery business.

This delivery service allows a person to be apart of this growing business opportunity without having to shell out thousands of dollars for a brick and mortar store front.

The requirements are far less costly and more easily attainable in a marijuana delivery business.

Make your business safe by planning ahead when it comes to dealing with cash and keeping it safe.


Some Basic Requirements in starting a reliable marijuana delivery service

  1. You will need an economical, reliable and safe vehicle in order to deliver the product to your clients.
  2. You will need to have a supplier that can meet the needs of your clients
  3. You will need a way to collect basic documentation and information concerning the marijuana that your clients are seeking.
  4. You will need to start a database. This will require a computer and some software in order to organize records for your marijuana delivery business as a whole.
  5.  In order to conduct business properly at least two telephone lines will be needed. This is an important aspect of the business and necessary in order to be as efficient as possible. One of the numbers will handle all customer service inquiries and will be a contact number for patients that are already registered in the database. This allows actual returning clients to easily order.  The other line will be for advertising and the promotional aspect which will cultivate the new clientele.
  6. You will need to pick a name to start your business with. It is best if the name fits the type of business it represents. So be creative and have some fun with it.
  1. From the name you can create a web page and website in order to advertise and promote your services in detail. Orders can also be taken online through the website.

There are many simple ways of advertising through forums and other sites like in order to build a much needed online presence.


Finding a Grower

A grower you can trust and rely on is an important factor to a successful marijuana delivery business. Obviously you must have the supply in order to deliver to your clients.

The clients will have different needs whether it is medical or recreational.

Every state is different with its rules on how to grow the product so if you choose to do it yourself make sure you do it legally.

Joining a Cooperative or Co-op could be a great way to find a supplier in your area.

These are like-minded people and are known to be helpful with advice and sharing this knowledge with each other.


The Importance of Proper Transportation

Now let's take a look at how we can safely distribute and transport marijuana with our delivery service.

  • When delivering marijuana to a customer, make sure that the products are in sealed containers put safely in the vehicle.
  • The best place is the trunk when delivering marijuana to your client.
  • Always make sure that the client has been contacted and is aware of the time and place of delivery.
  • When going out on a delivery only carry what you need for the client and no more. There are legal limits in which you can carry and all laws must be adhered to.
  • Never smoke marijuana while you are driving.
  • It is important that your vehicle has passed all inspections. Make sure there are no outstanding traffic tickets on the vehicle. Your vehicle must be registered and insured properly with no safety issues.


Keep your marijuana stock secure and safe

It is important to keep your marijuana stock safe when it is in storage.

The location needs to be large enough to hold the product and at a place that is legally allowed to hold marijuana.

The storage area must be secure where the product can be left without worry.

Marijuana is a very valuable product and driving around with it in your car and possession is the nature of your business.

Not only is the product valuable but there's probably a fair amount of cash in which the driver will be driving with at any given time. 

There are many different security options to think through but definitely have a plan.

Whether it's making delivery a two-man operation? Checking in with fellow employees upon delivery or immediately after?

The point here is to get a security plan which best makes for a safe delivery. There are many different scenarios that can and will happen in marijuana delivery, so being prepared is important.


Don’t be overwhelmed

Don't let all this information overwhelm you. The opportunity is abundant and the marijuana delivery business is thriving.

These are just some of the basic steps that need to be done in order to start, own and operate a successful service.

It may seem like a lot but compared to a storefront operation it is a very reasonable way into the business. So good luck with your endeavors… can do it!

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