Hiring Employees For A Dispensary

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An Old or New Dispensary Always Needs To Hire Staff

If you have been operating a dispensary for 5 days or 5 years, you will always be dealing with staff, so hire intelligently.

 As with any business venture, the employees you hire for your dispensary will have a direct impact on your success or failure.

And hiring the wrong employees can be a setback for your company.

Below are important tips on how to hire the right people to work at your dispensary.

Positions to Think About Hiring For

  • Security
  • Budtender
  • Hostess
  • Manager
  • Delivery Person


Working in a dispensary is very different from working in any other retail environment.

Just dealing with all the cash on hand is very different from many employees.

You also need knowledge of the products on hand and an ability to help customers determine which strains and products would be best for their needs.

It's important to treat all your customers like gold, now that California has changed the laws for 2018 and dispensaries are starting to pop up everywhere.

In a dispensary, the best employees take care of their customers like they are family.

They believe the products will help them.

 Being A Leader

If you own a dispensary, you need your potential employees to be able to -

  1. listen to customers and be patient while helping each one
  2.  be passionate and patient enough to learn the finer details of each strain and products
  3. sound educated when they speak to customers.



The chatter in the industry is that the dispensaries are experiencing a high amount of turnover in their employees. 

 Key Tip - Don't hire to fast, do background and reference checks.

Many new dispensary owners dive into the market because it looks fun and an easy path to making cash.

But things are not always what they seem.


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