6 Days Until Cannabis Is Legal In California

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Will Legal Cannabis Thrive or Get Shutdown

In just 6 days California will now be a Legal state for people to buy recreational marijuana.

Wow, only 6 days.

LA Magazine did a great article about the new laws.

Groups like California's Berkeley Patient Groups will be selling recreational marijuana starting at 6 A.M. on January 1st.

This is to kick off what will surely be a pivotal year for Cannabis – one way or the other.


 What Lies Ahead

The cannabis industry has been growing in sales and geography (where and how it is sold).

In North America alone, people spent over $7 billion on legal cannabis in 2016 and grew 33% to end 2017 with $9.7 billion in sales according to industry statistics.

As California (Jan.), Maine (Feb.) and Massachusetts (July) are scheduled to open up recreational use markets, 2018 promises to be a Huge year for Marijuana sales in the USA.


For people who buy and enjoy marijuana, they are obviously excited as California will be changing their laws on January 1st.

The new laws will make it much easier for people to find and buy cannabis, and won't have to sneak around or get a fake medical license anymore.


For those people who sell cannabis and related supplies in California, they of course are also excited.

Dispensary owners are expecting to get new customers who wouldn't buy pot (or weed) when it was illegal. These new customers are good for business.


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