4 Techniques to Increase Customer Retention at Cannabis Dispensaries

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Every business needs regular customers.

The advantage of repeat customers is that you can count on some consistency.

Although it is also beneficial to always be acquiring new customers (from a variety of sources), many small businesses survive on their repeat customers.

In order to attract regular and loyal customers, you must go way beyond the first impression.

Even things like having a smart safe in your dispensary, can help make employees and customers feel safer knowing that cash isn't sitting all over the place (attracting thieves).

Efficiency will increase if you apply the techniques at the same time and also complement them with conventional marketing strategies.

The following 4 techniques are offered to help you get the most out of it and get a good number of regular clients.

Loyalty Programs

Focusing on customer loyalty is a great technique to increase customer retention.

The reality is that times have changed and the digital revolution brought about changes in the way loyalty programs were implemented.

If tickets, coupons or other physical documents were used before, now software and digital tools are used.

Loyalty programs as you may know include:

  1. credits
  2. discounts
  3. and money returns in some cases

It is necessary that you implement these loyalty programs in your cannabis dispensary, but digitally through a point-of-sale system that can carry out the credits, discounts, etc., automatically.

This is achieved through a synchronization with the customer's account.

A point-of-sale system not only increases efficiency considerably, it also speeds up the process and won't burden your customers with physical documents.

Follow-Up Surveys

The use of follow-up surveys is another technique for obtaining regular clients that prefer modern communication.

These surveys give the client the power to make a small review of your dispensary, through the experience they had.

Think about it for a moment: positive ratings will contribute to the feedback and without a doubt will earn you regular customers.

On the other hand, if a client leaves a negative review about your cannabis dispensary, you can devise a way to compensate him for the bad time he went through: either through a refund of money or another method.

This will increase trust and will cause the disgruntled customer to potentially go back to your dispensary.

However, the implementation of these surveys should be done in a way similar to the loyalty programs: through a point-of-sale system that can send these surveys orderly, quickly and efficiently.

SMS Campaigns

SMSs still have significant utility for marketing and promotion of your store or commercial establishment.

In this case, the use of SMS can be a brilliant strategy to increase the retention of clients in your marijuana dispensary.

In other words, the strategy is to use SMS to notify customers about offers and so on.

Again, with an intelligent point-of-sale system, specific and scheduled sending of these SMS is doable.

You can send SMS with offers to specific customers: those that you know will be interested.

It is easy to do this with a well-programmed point-of-sale system with reports and customer purchase history.

But keep in mind that sending SMS's can be invasive.

It is a double-edged sword: if you abuse this strategy (that is, if you bombard your clients with messages), they will block you and you will probably gain a bad image, causing them not to return to your cannabis dispensary.

In other words, it can cause an effect totally contrary to the desired, so be careful.

Social Media Interaction

Last, but not least, interaction through social networks can be a great way to attract interest and ultimately get customers into your dispensary, allowing you to gain their trust and turn them into a repeat customer.

If necessary, hire a social media manager to run your FB, Youtbube, Instagram and Twitter profiles.

It is important that your cannabis dispensary is promoted on social networks and is interacting with your customers.

You can post photos every day, captivating phrases, videos, offers of the day, and so on.

The options in social networks are almost endless and each of them is excellent to get a considerable number of regular customers.

Keep in mind that social networks have become part of everyday life, so it's virtually impossible for your customers not to see what you post and are attracted to.

What social networks you should use?

Use every social platform you can, even use Weedmaps and Leafly.

While Facebook is ideal for long posts, Twitter allows you to send captivating phrases in real time; and Instagram is good for the publication of photos and videos.

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