10 Steps To Take Before Opening Marijuana Delivery Service

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1. Do an Inventory Check:

You should make sure you have enough product to manage any order you might encounter. It's worthwhile to investigate about the current demand in your geographical area.

You should be able to assess the amount of Marijuana very roughly that you’ll need for your business.

You also need to investigate regulations regarding the maximum amount of Marijuana that you’ll be legally authorized to store.

There are also maximum quantities that you are permitted to make in a single delivery.

Remember to keep an eye in your inventory. It's your first priority to make sure you remain stocked.

Your customers depend on you so that they have a steady supply of the product.

2. Get your own Medical Marijuana Card. 

If possible, it's advisable for you and your employees, to hold a Medical Marijuana Card.

Going through the process of getting a Card will help you understand your customers.You’ll be better able to relate to them, which in turn, will help them to be comfortable in business with you, as they will feel they are talking to someone who has been in their shoes.

Having a Medical Marijuana Card will help making a customer relationship a lot easier. Clients will feel more open about asking for options and taking advice from your employees.

  1. Prepare Yourself Mentally  Medical Marijuana is a serious and legitimate business. You won’t just be selling Marijuana, you will be the owner and manager of a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service.

You must be ready to assume the responsibility that being a business-owner carries. You must be ready to commit yourself to the business and your customers.

If you are going to hire employees, you must make sure they are competent, accountable, and are fully prepared to commit to the responsibilities their work will hold, and you must make sure you are capable to compromise and have a good work ethic.

Also, as with your employees, you have a responsibility with your customers.

They depend you to be accountable so that they may maintain their health and comfort. Quality cannot be compromised.

Having your own business, especially your very first business, is a life changing experience that often gives first time owners insight to life.

However, whether it is an enjoyable experience will depend solely on you work ethic.


4. Choose, Setup and Use a Record-Keeping System.  It's a good business practice to keep impeccable records. Customer information is highly valuable.

    Having a Data Base for your customers’ information is handy, however, you should make sure you have the tools to keep your customers’ sensitive information in a safe place.

    Using a system to keep track of your inventory, be either digitally or by hand, is very important.

    Organize your sales records and other financial information in a detailed fashion. There are tools at your disposition, mostly in the form of desktop applications. 

    There are plenty out there that are either license free, or free-to-use proprietary software.

    There is also the option of hiring a professional accountant. For larger businesses, it can be an excellent and effective way for starting business to have all of their records in order.

    1.  Plan your advertising strategy. Advertisement is an essential part of any business, and a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service is in no different. To advertise your business means getting the name of your business known to the public. That will, in turn, transform into a lot more customers willing to try out your business.

    Let people know about the different products your business has to offer, and remember to include the price tag, as that makes easier for customers to get to know the product by themselves.

    It's possible that many of your customers will be first timers with marijuana for medical purposes, so it's possible that they will feel insecure when it comes to being a customer of a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service.

    As marijuana has been stigmatized for decades, customers may feel ashamed of asking questions directly to another person about the product, either in person or by phone.   

    A great idea is having a platform where people are able to check information all by themselves and in the privacy of their homes, will work well as a starting point for many potential customers.

    A good website is essential to your success.


    1.  Buy a dedicated phone line for your business. To check-in orders, having a dedicated phone line it's important. It allows the ability to process new orders.

    It's important to have a quick response time. As many of first timers will have little or no patience.

    Also, if possible, having a second phone line dedicated solely to regular customers it's ideal, as it allows to keep a faster ground for communication with regular customers, which will in turn, make them feel appreciated and special. And that is key to have a customer loyalty

    1. Develop a Financial Plan. Any new business will require a financial plan in order to deal with the time to time costs of maintaining it.

    Remember to ask yourself:

    • What resources will I need to start my business?
    • What kind to transportation methods do I have available?
    • What will be the cost of transportation?
    • What will be the cost of advertisement?
    • What will be the cost of packaging my product?
    • How much will my salary be?
    • Will I need employees? And if so, where will I need them?
    • Will I need credits or subsidiaries?
    • How and where will I get investors to invest in my business?
    • What kind of licenses do I need and when do I have to renovate them?

    If you manage to answer all of these questions, then you are a few steps away from achieving you goal of starting a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service.


    1.  Choose a vehicle. You will be needing a vehicle in order to deliver products to your customers, so it's important to keep in mind the following.
    • Have proper and up to date registration for your vehicle.
    • Keep your vehicle in mint condition by keeping up with maintenance.
    • Check every week for brake fluid and coolant.

    And a last but important point:

    • Make sure you have the right insurance for your vehicle,
    • one that is appropriate for a vehicle that will be use in a business venture.



    • 9. Keep up to day with all licenses and permits. It's of utmost importance to keep up with all the paperwork required by state and county law.

    If necessary, get in touch with a legal advisor that will provide you assistance in regards of dealing with all the paperwork and legal procedures to register a new business.

    1.  Make sure you keep in touch with people who already have experience    Experience is the mother of wisdom, and so getting in touch you other business owners will provide you with invaluable insight.

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